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Doors Open: 09:30am

Start: 10:00 Billy Buchanan introduction 10 mins.

10:10am till 11:00am Tricia Robertson:  ‘Stranger Than Fiction’.

5 Minute break

11:05am till 11:55am Andrew Hennessey. ‘High Strangeness in Gorebridge’

5 minute break.

12:05 till 12:55pm Alyson Dunlop: ‘Angels Our Celestial Allies’.

Lunch 30 mins

1:25 till 2:15   Ron Halliday: ‘Famous Scots and the Supernatural: How the Paranormal changed History’

5 Minute Break

2:20pm Till 3:10pm Innes Smith  ‘The Boggle Factor’  ‘How we can believe in anything Paranormal’.?

5 minute Break

3:15pm till 4:05pm Gary Gray:  ‘My Life as a Medium: Lifting the veil to other worlds’

5 minute break

4:10pm till 5:00pm  Malcolm Robinson: ‘UFO ‘Hot Spots’ from around the world’.

5:00pm till 5:20pm Summing up by Bonnybridge Councillor Billy Buchanan.

NB: Please note times may change depending on circumstances.



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