The Team


Alyson Dunlop 

Alyson Dunlop is a demonologist, angelologist, Mariologist, and soon-to-be deaconess (as of November 3rd 2018), with a classics degree from the University of Glasgow. She is a mystic, writer, hypnotherapist, radio presenter, and lecturer who has had a variety of experiences across the board of the paranormal. She heads SPI Scotland, investigating and researching UFO and paranormal experiences.  She has appeared on radio and television and also hosts and produces her own radio show, ADX-Files.

Ron Halliday

Ron Halliday is the author of several books on strange phenomena including, ‘UFO Scotland’, ‘Scotland’s X- Files’,  ‘Paranormal Scotland’,  ‘Evil Scotland’,  and ‘Famous Scots and the Supernatural’. He has appeared on radio and television including BBC ‘Newsnight’ programme. For several years he wrote the ‘X-Files’ column for the Glasgow ‘Evening Times’.

Malcolm Robinson

Malcolm Robinson is the founder of Strange Phenomena Investigations. He is also an author and lecturer. His books include: UFO Case Files of Scotland (1 & 2); Paranormal Case Files of Great Britain (1 & 2); and the Monsters of Loch Ness. Malcolm has appeared on radio and TV, as well as giving numerous lectures on various paranormal topics.  He is also an editor with Outer Limits Magazine.


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