Alyson Dunlop


Alyson Dunlop is co-organiser of our conference.  

Alyson Dunlop is an experiencer, mystic, shaman, researcher, writer, hypnotherapist, and radio presenter. She heads SPI Scotland, investigating and researching UFO and paranormal experiences. She also hosts and produces her own radio show, ADX-Files.
She is a demonologist and angelologist. Her lectures include: “Demons and Dark Places”; “Faeries and Aliens”; “Eleusis: Mushrooms, Magic Potions & Mystical Experiences”; “Erotic Magic in the Ancient World”; “Clairsentience”; “Symbolic Dream Hypnosis”; “Communicating with Aliens (Or Phoning ET)”; and “The History of UFOs in Six Minutes”.
Alyson is an honours graduate in Classics from the University of Glasgow, where she is now currently studying part-time for a masters degree in Religion, Literature, and Culture.


Alyson’s subject for the 2017 conference is angels!  These benevolent beings, messengers between Heaven and Earth, have often been known to step in and guide or protect us.  They are present regardless of the religion or even for those who are non-religious.  Traditionally, angels need to be asked before they will intervene, but there are also cases where angels have preempted a situation in order to save someone or give them comfort.  They are our supernatural friends.  Alyson will explore the world of angelic beings, considering the many situations in which they present themselves, and showing how they are accessible for every human being who needs them.

Click here to listen to Alyson’s radio show, ADX-Files!

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