Gary Gray


My name is Gary Gray and I’m a spiritualist medium who has been serving God and Spirit on public platforms from the age of 15.
From my earliest memory, I always assumed that everyone had this ability, but as I grew up I started to see people’s sentiment change in that there always was a respect given to me, but as you are growing up you fail to appreciate this.
My first memory of being different was when I was about 5 and I had caught my arm in the electric clothes ringer.  As my arm was being pulped, the machine turned itself off on the wall.  At this point, my dad had just came into the kitchen and witnessed the switch flicking off by itself. Later in life, my father said that at that point he just new that I had a very special aura around me and that I should channel that higher power for the good.  My father was a spiritualist with many years of experience.
During my talk, I hope to lift the veil between this material world and the spirit realm.