Innes Smith



Innes Smith is an investigator with the Scottish Society for Psychical Research, being a member since 1998. He takes a somewhat Fortean stance on the paranormal; having a range of interests and values scepticism and a sense of humour as essential assets when examining all things anomalous. He has previously given talks on a variety of subjects, recent examples include:  ‘Comedy & The Paranormal’, Glasgow School of Art 2016; ‘Paranormal Jesus’, Glasgow University 2015; ‘The Dark Outside Lecture’, for The Dark Outside arts festival, Galloway Forest Park 2014 and ‘Problems with the Paranormal’, a talk to The Edinburgh Fortean Society 2014.

Innes Smith is a BAFTA nominated writer and performer, mostly working in Comedy, Drama or Education for the BBC. He has no academic credibility whatsoever.

 ‘The Boggle Factor’

The Paranormal. What we believe and what we don’t believe – and Why?

There’s an assumption that all paranormal investigators need – whether it’s UFOs, Hauntings or Cryptozoology – is evidence. We’re all out there to get evidence. But according to many investigators, we have all the evidence we need, so why are we still meeting in halls in Falkirk as a fringe group? If the paranormal is real, why doesn’t everybody believe in it?

Innes Smith will be looking at how we assess evidence and examines some problems facing the investigator; siting some well-known and little known cases ~ and inviting all of us to find our own threshold for ‘boggling’ at the evidence.

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