Malcolm Robinson


Malcolm Robinson is co-organiser of the conference.

UFO ‘Hot Spots’ From Around the World.
In this enlightening talk, UFO & Paranormal researcher Malcolm Robinson will discuss ‘some’ of the world’s top amazing UFO Hot Spots or ‘Window Areas’ which seem to attract a higher concentration of UFO sightings than anywhere else on the globe. Why is this? What’s going on? What makes these locations more noticeable for UFO sightings than any other location on the planet?

Malcolm Robinson will firstly discuss ‘some’ of the United Kingdom’s UFO Hot Spots, namely, Bonnybridge in Central Scotland and Dyfed, West Wales. Following on from these locations Malcolm will take a look at, UFO Hot Spots such as, Gulf Breeze in Pensacola, The Nullabor Plains in Australia, Area 51 in the Nevada Desert, The Island of Puerto Rico, The Mysterious N. Triangle in Russia the infamous Skinwalker Ranch near Utah and the amazing UFO sightings over Mexico and Hessdalen in Norway.
There is no denying that these UFO ‘Hot Spots’ are quite perplexing and have been for so many years. This power point presentation will show that there clearly is ‘something’ going on, but what! This will be a roller coaster hour of constant visual information which will certainly open up the eyes of the most hardened of sceptics. If you are into UFO’s then this is a must see lecture. Miss it at your peril.

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