Ron Halliday


Ron is a co-organiser of our conference.

Ron Halliday is the author several books on strange phenomena including, ‘UFO Scotland’, ‘Scotland’s X- Files’,  ‘Paranormal Scotland’,  ‘Evil Scotland’,  and ‘Famous Scots and the Supernatural’. He has appeared on radio and television including BBC ‘Newsnight’ programme. For several years he wrote the ‘X-Files’ column for the Glasgow ‘Evening Times’


For years the influence of the supernatural on our history has been ignored. By overlooking the impact of the paranormal we are missing an important aspect of our country’s development. The truth is that many leading  and well-known figures have been fascinated by the supernatural and have in their turn been affected by their interest. The list includes John Logie Baird, inventor of television, Hugh Dowding, leader of Fighter Command during the Battle of Britain and Ramsay Macdonald, Labour Prime Minister among many others. My presentation will examine the extent to which the supernatural influenced the lives of the famous and through them influenced world events.


Click here to listen to Ron Halliday on EDX-Files, presented by Alyson Dunlop!

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