Duncan Lunan


Duncan Lunan is a science and science fiction writer with a lifelong interest in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence and particularly the possibility of past Contact.   Since 1970 he has been a full-time writer, speaker, researcher, broadcaster, editor, critic and tutor.   He has published 9 books and contributed to over 30 more, publishing 38 short stories and over 1420 articles.   He was a curator of Airdrie Public Observatory for 18.5 years, on the committee running it for 30 years, and was Manager of the North Lanarkshire Astronomy Project doing outreach to schools 2006-2009.   As Manager of the Glasgow Parks Astronomy Project, 1978-79, he designed and built the first astronomically aligned stone circle in Britain for over 3000 years.   His investigation of the Green Children of Woolpit, “Children from the Sky”, was published by Mutus Liber in 2012;  his most recent book is a collection of time-travel stories, “The Elements of Time”, published by Shoreline of Infinity in 2016.   The same publisher is about to release a paperback edition of “Starfield, Science Fiction by Scottish Writers”, which Duncan edited for Orkney Press in 1989.

Talk:  ‘Have We Been Visited?   Three Possible, Circumstantial Indications’.

In 1973 the British Interplanetary Society published Duncan’s attempt to translate mysterious radio signals detected in the form of ‘long-delayed echoes’ in the 1920s.   Prof. Ron Bracewell of Stanford had suggested they might have been the attempt of an extraterrestrial probe to contact us.   The story has moved on a long way since then, but is bedevilled on the web by an erroneous account of a fictitious satellite called ‘Black Knight’.   Although the initial translation was at least partly wrong, parallels emerged with circumstantial evidence from ancient astronomy of a Contact in 3000-2500 BC.   Still more remarkably, that enquiry has joined up with Duncan’s investigation of the mediaeval mystery of the Green Children of Woolpit, suggesting that the three very different enquiries are all part of the same investigation.