Gary Kidgell

Gary Kidgell 2

Gary Kidgell is a professional esoteric astrologer and a teacher and lecturer in metaphysics. He has studied esoteric teachings for the last thirty-five years. Gary has lectured extensively throughout the UK and in Europe. He recently published a book entitled ‘The Inner Journey: Pathways to the Higher Self.’ Gary is also a member of the Claregate Metaphysics group and is the Director of Studies for their two audio-visual online courses: Foundations in Esoteric Studies and Esoteric Psychology – The Seven Rays.

THE SPIRITUAL DIMENSION OF ASTROLOGY, At the core of all esoteric and religious teachings is the descent of spirit into matter and its subsequent return to source, commonly referred to as the ‘spiritual path. This presentation outlines the ‘spiritual dimension of astrology’ by considering the underlying metaphysical principles, as well as the key methods and techniques, of Esoteric or Soul-Centred Astrology which serves as a contemporary key towards spiritual transformation. This new form of astrology enables one to express the purpose and intent of the higher Self – the very reason for one’s existence.