Stewart Bell

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I’m a lucid dream teacher, composer & keys player based in Scotland. About 5 years ago I left the band I’d been in since I was a teenager and started working on a series of concept albums & kids’ storybooks, all based on my lifelong experiences with lucid dreaming, sleep paralysis and astral projection. Telling my story in this way inspired me to produce some videos discussing the ideas and concepts behind my work which then led to me making a series of instructional videos entitled Learn To Lucid Dream. This, in turn, inspired me to start facilitating lucid dreaming/ astral projection classes in my hometown, Edinburgh, which is something I soon hope to expand to include classes and workshops in other towns/ cities including lucid dreaming workshops to help children overcome their nightmares.


My amazing inner journey started at 6 years old when my older brother taught me how to overcome nightmares by showing me how to have a lucid dream. Lucid dreaming is the ability to become aware that one is dreaming while already in a dream. He then taught me how to face up to the nightmare from within thus transforming it into a pleasant dream. Over the next couple of years I went on to use this ability to also overcome terrifying episodes of sleep paralysis, which was something I’d been experiencing since the age of 3 yrs old. Entering the dream world in this way led me to the discovery of a new type of lucid dream, one which always began with the sensation of leaving the physical body and which also had a more vivid, more linear, more lucid quality to it. Little did I know that I had actually stumbled across the phenomenon of astral projection. Over the years these amazing abilities have provided me with countless hours of fun, exploration and adventure but, besides the entertainment value of these unique phenomena, they also have a very beneficial use.