Ron Halliday

Ron is a co-organiser of our conference.

Ron Halliday is the author several books on strange phenomena including, ‘UFO Scotland’, ‘Scotland’s X- Files’,  ‘Paranormal Scotland’,  ‘Evil Scotland’,  and ‘Famous Scots and the Supernatural’. He has appeared on radio and television including BBC ‘Newsnight’ programme. For several years he wrote the ‘X-Files’ column for the Glasgow ‘Evening Times’

Ron will be talking at our conference in 2019 about Scotland’s Most Bizarre Mysteries. His talk will cover a selection of the strangest events in the history of the Scottish paranormal. It will look at the links between Rudolf Hess,Deputy Leader of the Nazi Party, and the Scottish occult. Rampaging Vampires. Murder by witchcraft. The mystery of the resurrection men and much more.

Click here to listen to Ron Halliday on EDX-Files, presented by Alyson Dunlop!


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