Alyson Dunlop Shanes

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Alyson Dunlop Shanes is the organiser of our conference.

Rev. Alyson Dunlop Shanes is a deaconess, exorcist, demonologist, angelologist, and Mariologist, with a classics degree from the University of Glasgow. She is a mystic, writer, hypnotherapist, and radio presenter, who has had a variety of psychic experiences across the board of the supernatural. She heads SPI Scotland, researching UFOs, supernatural, and paranormal encounters. She has appeared on TV and radio discussing various aspects of supernatural religion and ufology.  Alyson hosts and produces her own radio show, ADX-Files.

2021 TALK: “Biblical Mysteries and Astrotheology”

Listen to Alyson on ADX-Files: here! 

Listen to Alyson’s guest appearances on other radio and TV shows: here!